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Founded in late 2014 by Khaled Ben Lamine and Valentina Angeli, VIZIUMcreate™ is a Miami based creative and brand development agency, specializing in fashion, beauty, jewelry, financial groups, luxury branding, advertising and interactive media, website design and development. In this digital era, we deliver strategy-driven design, forward-thinking creative marketing and brand development, combined with cutting-edge technology, integrated media photography, video and global production services.

At VIZIUM gallery we curate our favorite designers, artists and illustrators from across the world to create inspirational and unique limited edition prints and graphic design products for modern homes, interiors and good people all over the world. Our two most important principles are sustainability and strong creative partnerships.

VIZIUM Domains do the work of finding the perfect brand name for your business.
We use science to help you find the perfect name for your perfect brand.

VIZIUM blog | Ideas, Design, Strategy & Marketing
VIZIUM is an ideas and innovation Miami based digital agency specializing in creating digital services and products. We transform brands and build businesses.


VIZIUM Print is a sustainable operation using only high-quality and FSC-marked material.


VIZIUM Lab is a young creative team of photographers, designers, makeup artists. Our speciality is art, fashion, scenic portrait and commercial photography. You may like our art or not, we don't bother. We just do our best. We don't call ourselfs neither professionals nor amateurs, we are Viziumers. And if everything you've read doesn't scare you, then.....

We architect, design and deliver iconic experiences, services and products that improve people’s lives. Our multidisciplinary team has been involved in some of the most groundbreaking projects across multiple industries. We collaborate with sophisticated clients to deliver a cohesive blueprint across customer connection points that will satisfy audience needs and surpass business goals.

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