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The world's largest index of citation statements
1.2b citation statements extracted and analyzed
187m articles, book chapters, preprints, and datasets

scite Data in a Nutshell

We have a dataset of over 1.2 billion Citation Statements and 187 million full-text articles we access through indexing agreements with publishers and Open Access content. This data is further linked with author, affiliation, and topic metadata and can be used for a variety of insights to support your needs. In addition, scite has over 1.8 billion unique citations. scite also provides comprehensive coverage of scholarly metadata information such as authors, affiliations, journals, publishers, and more.

Use Cases

Pharmacovigilance and other drug monitoring at scale

scite worked with a Fortune 500 company to provide citation classifications and counts relating to thousands of drugs, helping their team analyze how mentions in the research literature relate to drug development.

Government agency analyzes millions of researcher publication records

scite worked with a national government agency to provide citation counts for millions of researchers, helping the agency better understand the impact of their research funding.

Publishers improving their author engagement initiatives, editorial processes, internal ethics reviews, and more

scite regularly works with various publishers embracing technology to support their ongoing efforts, including: tracking research output, improving editorial processes, internal ethics reviews, and author marketing and engagement.

scite Data

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You can access our API programmatically or receive periodic dumps. If you need any custom analyses, our team can work with you to get what you need.

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